News Flash

Reduction of Monthly Subcription

Effective 1 May 2017


Dear Members,

Further to the suspension of charging of Minimum Spending Levy (MSL) to all members effective 1 January 2017, the General Committee has decided to reduce the monthly subscription currently paid by the principal member of the respective categories of membership to a nominal id="mce_marker" per month. This rate will also be applicable to Absent Members.

The new rate of subscription will be effective from 1 May 2017 and will be billed in the April 2017 Statement of Account onwards.

Kindly contact Finance at 6864 0808 or 6864 0801 for any billing queries.

Thank you.

The Management

Dangerous Play Reminder

Please be informed that of late, the number of Dangerous Play cases at RCC has escalated. Just within a span of one month, we have received 3 complaints to date; including an injury inflicted. The case is now under investigation and pending the decision of the Disciplinary Committee. The Club takes a very serious stance on Dangerous Play, and will not condone to such behavior by any golfers at RCC.

Please be reminded that Members’ guests are the responsibility of the members to ensure that proper golfing etiquette and due consideration for safety first is observed at all times at our courses; and are subjected to Disciplinary action if found to have violated the safety of other golfers at risk.


  1. Do not play your ball until all players ahead of you have moved out of range of your shot. If unsure, please move forward to check before hitting your shot.
  2. Shout a warning if the ball is in danger of hitting someone or if the ball steers to another fairway. The right term to use is “fore” to give a warning to the players who may be in danger of being hit by your ball.
  3. Most importantly, exercise patience and caution at all time. And if unsure, to refrain from taking your shot.


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It has been brought to the Management's attention that several Raffles Country Club members have been found smoking at non-smoking areas.

Please be reminded that smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.


We recently introduced Touch Screen Peer Review Terminals to Buggy Bay, Golf Reception & Golfers’ Terrace. Follow the steps below to submit your own scores:A. Touch “Post Score” to access score submission screen
B. Key in your full membership no. It should content the 7 digits (ie. With 00 behind for principal members or 02 for spouse)

1. Select the date
2. Select Course played ie. RCC or “Other Singapore” for rounds played other than RCC but in Singapore
3. Select no. of hole played ie. 9 or 18 holes
4. Select Course played
5. Select to submit scores by :-
- Hole by Hole scores
- Total adjusted scores
- Unacceptable scores – select this function if your score is deemed unacceptable under the USGA handicapping system ie. Played less than 7 holes or majority of the holes are not played to the Rules of Golf