Term Membership

Term Membership is open to foreigners only. Priced at S$16,050 (inclusive of 7% GST) with no monthly subscription, the member and his immediate family members will be able to enjoy the Club's facilities, including the two 18-hole golf courses, for one (01) year.

Terms & Conditions

Any person other than a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore and above the age of 21 is eligible to apply to become a Term Member.

Term Golfing Membership is issued for a period of not less than one (1) year or more than three (3) years. The term fees are payable in advance. The General Committee may extend such membership for similar terms as above upon payment of the requisite term fees.

A Term Golfing Member wanting to prematurely terminate his membership shall give prior notice to the General Committee. The General Committee shall approve such refund for any unconsumed period on a proportionate basis not exceeding 6 months.

A Term Golfing Member shall not be entitled to hold office but shall otherwise enjoy all the privileges of a Transferable Golfing Member (Local) except the right to transfer his membership.