Membership Card

Members must produce their membership cards when making use of all club facilities and service.

Members who are unable to produce their membership cards shall complete the prescribed form and pay the prescribed administrative fee. They may be required to provide other documentary proof of identity. They may be denied service or entry to the Club or use of the facilities if they refuse to do so.

Membership cards are not transferable. All charges incurred by the use of the card shall be the responsibility of the member concerned.

Members who lose their membership cards shall promptly inform the Club Management of the loss.

All lost cards must be replaced within fourteen (14) days of reporting, failing which the member shall not be permitted to use the Club facilities.

Each member is only allowed to possess one card at a time and has to surrender their damage or old card upon issuing a new card.

For spoilt cards, members need to return their old membership card in exchange for the new card. Otherwise, S$5/- (subject to 7% GST) will be levied for each card replaced. Lost cards will be charged at S$5/- (subject to 7% GST) per card.

Processing of the replacement card(s) will take one (01) working day from our receipt of a passport-sized photograph for each replacement.